Gifting Goes Digital: Boost Restaurant Sales With E-Gift Cards This Holiday Season

Digital Gift Cards

As many restaurants learned during the early days of the COVID-19 pandemic, offering digital gift cards is one of the easiest ways to sell gift cards for your restaurant. Many customers have continued to prefer off-premise dining options such as online ordering and delivery. This means digital gift cards have only become more valuable for […]

The Pandemic Forever Changed Off-Premise Dining — Now What?

While the onset of the pandemic in early 2020 meant new regulations and new realities for restaurateurs of all types, the industry was already changing — fast! Online ordering and delivery have increased more than 300% since 2014, and most restaurant owners recognize off-premise dining as one of the industry’s best opportunities for growth. COVID-19 […]

Location, Location, Location: Why It’s Important to Choose a Local POS Provider for Your St. Louis Restaurant or Bar

Working with a local POS provider like DCRS Solutions has many advantages for your hospitality business. Since 1976, DCRS Solutions has been helping restaurant, hospitality and retail operators run their businesses more efficiently. Our team of St. Louis-based professionals provides POS, payment and IT solutions for bars, restaurants, cafés, coffee shops and breweries throughout the […]

Surviving a Shifting Landscape: Three Hospitality Tech Trends That Successful Restaurants Implemented Yesterday

Tech Trends: Curbside

It’s no secret that the restaurant industry is changing — fast! Many restaurants are facing an “evolve or die” reality that requires adapting their operations to better accommodate today’s customers with support from the latest trends in hospitality technology. And while “investing in technology” may sound like an expensive proposition, there are often fairly simple […]

Why Restaurants Should Invest NOW in Hospitality Technology

The pandemic made it clear that technology is vital to success — or even mere survival — in the restaurant industry.  Oftentimes, the restaurant industry has been slow to adopt technology and other innovative solutions. COVID-19 accelerated digital adoption among consumers and businesses, with some experts estimating that nearly five years of technological progress were […]

Everything You Need to Know About Offering Food Delivery at Your Restaurant

Do you deliver? The demand for food delivery has skyrocketed, with off-premise dining now making up as much as 60% of all restaurant sales (National Restaurant Association)! It’s estimated that the U.S. delivery market will grow from $43 billion to $76 billion by 2022. Customers have fully embraced an on-demand economy, and like it or […]

Do Restaurant Loyalty Programs Work?

Restaurant loyalty programs are nothing new. But gone are the days of disintegrating punch cards crammed into wallets! Instead, in 2021, many restaurants are leveraging the influx of customer data that came with the shift toward contactless operations during the COVID-19 pandemic and using that valuable information to build stronger relationships with both new and […]

Turn Tables Faster, Boost Profits With Handheld POS Devices

Streamline, simplify and speed up your operations with handheld POS devices! From taking and entering orders to getting the check and processing payments, this easy-to-use technology can help you turn tables faster for boosted sales and increased customer satisfaction. Read on to find out how investing in handheld POS devices can take your restaurant to […]

How Monitors, Sensors and the Internet of Things Can Make Your Restaurant More Efficient

What do you think when you hear “the Internet of things”? If you think “um, what?” or “too complicated for me” — well, wait just a minute! There are lots of ways you can use the Internet of Things, or IoT, to manage your restaurant, monitor your business from afar and automate otherwise laborious tasks. […]

7 Reasons Your Restaurant Should Offer Online Ordering

Online Ordering

  Online ordering and delivery have grown 300% faster than dine-in traffic since 2014, according to Nation’s Restaurant News, and 60% of U.S. consumers say they order meals online at least once a week. So why are so many restaurants still not offering this service? Online ordering is an easy and effective way to satisfy […]